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Who's Next Door? 公雞的新鄰居 T03-123
Who's Next Door? - Chinese children book



Who's Next Door? - Chinese children book Description: A comical look at nocturnal and diurnal creatures, this simple story explores the concept of opposites in a smart, subtly funny way. Chicken is thrilled when he finds out someone new has moved in next door. His quiet house deep in the woods can be lonely sometimes, and it would be so much fun to have a friend! But Chicken never catches so much as a glimpse of his neighbor, despite many days spent waiting, pacing, and knocking. As it turns out, his neighbor, Owl, has been doing the same thing, yearning to meet Chicken — only he’s been doing it at night. It's not until after the two exchange notes and mix up plans for a visit, each using his own definition of “tomorrow,” that they meet fortuitously and find a creative way to enjoy each other’s friendship despite their different schedules.
森林裡,有兩間房子。 紅屋頂的房子裡,住著一隻公雞。 藍屋頂的房子裡,沒有人住……「咦,好像有誰搬過來了?」 公雞的心裡充滿期待,好想和新鄰居一起玩喔!可是,公雞在藍屋頂的房子前走來走去,卻怎麼也遇不到這位神秘的新鄰居……「在睡覺嗎?還是出門了?」「是不是搬家太累了,起不來呢?」「好想見一面呀!」 於是,公雞寫了一封信,邀請新鄰居來家裡玩,馬上就收到了寫著「明天一定來」的回信!公雞高興極了,他打扮、煮菜、佈置客廳,但是他等啊等、等啊等,從白天等到晚上,新鄰居遲遲沒有出現……
This is a hardcover book with 31 pages, 8"X9.5".

Hardcover Chinese Children book for age: 3-8

Usually ships within two business days.

Who's Next Door? 公雞的新鄰居 T03-123

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