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I Can Brush My Teeth Audio Book 我會刷牙有聲繪本 T00-180
I Can Brush My Teeth Audio Book in Chinese



I Can Brush My Teeth Audio Book in Chinese Description: Inside and outside, up and down, left and right! That's how we brush our teeth, and we brush them morning, night, and after we eat our candies! This audio book comes with two AAA batteries, and will play the brush my teeth song. Youngsters will have lots of fun learning about proper dental hygiene with this delightful audio book.

1. 小手按一按、聽音樂學刷牙早上刷、晚上刷,裡裡外外,上上下下!按一下牙齒按鍵,聽一聽有趣的刷牙歌和音效,快樂學刷牙!2. 搭配精美繪本,跟Food超人一起養成好習慣上上下下!左左右右!白亮亮的牙齒刷好啦!搭配精美的情境繪本,跟著Food超人和動物朋友們一起學習正確的刷牙習慣。3. 跟著繪本學會自理能力,讓寶寶盡早養成各種生活好習慣「生活自理能力」是幼兒發展的重要階段,透過簡單有趣的刷牙有聲繪本,讓幼兒容易理解,家長可以陪幼兒一起閱讀,從旁協助幼兒盡早養成生活自理能力。4. 親子共同閱讀、促進親密互動爸爸媽媽可以陪同孩子一起閱讀,一起唱刷牙歌,練習刷刷牙,促進親密互動。
This baby board book has 14 pages, 8.5" x 7".

Chinese audio book for age: 0-5

Usually ships within two business days.

I Can Brush My Teeth Audio Book 我會刷牙有聲繪本 T00-180

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