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Chinese Books for Children 8-12 Year Olds

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A Handsome Frog Prince - Chinese children book
A Handsome Frog Prince 青蛙帥王子
Your Price: $15.95
A Handsome Frog Prince    青蛙帥王子
Description: A frog discovered a big secret, when he over heard a mother telling a little girl that a kiss from a beautiful princess can turn him into a handsome prince. The frog set out to find his beautiful princess, and came across a girl who is more ...more
7 Little Frogs and Santa Claus - Chinese children book
7 Little Frogs and Santa Claus -- 七隻小青蛙和聖誕老公公
Your Price: $16.95
7 Little Frogs and Santa Claus -- 七隻小青蛙和聖誕老公公
Description: It is Christmas Eve! Santa was out on his sled ready to deliver Christmas presents to all the good children. With one careless move, Santa fall out of his sled and into a frozen lake!! Will Christmas be canceled? Santa stumbled into a ne ...more
The Christmas Boot - Chinese picture book
The Christmas Boot -- 圣诞靴
Your Price: $16.95
The Christmas Boot -- 圣诞靴
Description: Lonely Hannah is delighted to discover a warm black boot as she gathers kindling in the forest. A poor woman, she doesn't have proper shoes on her cold feet. "Glory be! I only wish I had your mate," she says to the boot, and the next morning ...more
Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns - Chinese children book
Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns 為什麼國王一家人不戴皇冠
Your Price: $16.95
Why Kings and Queens Don't Wear Crowns    為什麼國王一家人不戴皇冠
Description: This is a charming and silly book about Kings and Queens for kids. This fairytale is written by Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and was released as a picture book in Norway in 2004. The story is about her grandfather, King Olav V, when he f ...more
The Three Questions - Chinese children book
The Three Questions
Your Price: $16.95
The Three Questions
Description: Award-winning illustrator Jon J Muth re-writes this short story by Leo Tolstoy into picture-book format, and it is once more beautifully translated into Chinese. What is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the ...more
Strega Nona - Chinese children book
Strega Nona 巫婆奶奶
Your Price: $16.95
Strega Nona    巫婆奶奶
Description: Strega Nona—"Grandma Witch"—is the source for potions, cures, magic, and comfort in her Calabrian town. Her magical ever-full pasta pot is especially intriguing to hungry Big Anthony. Big Anthony is supposed to look after her house and tend h ...more
Jewish Fable Stories Picture Book in Chinese
Jewish Fable Stories Picture Book -- 猶太寓言繪本
Your Price: $19.95
Jewish Fable Stories Picture Book -- 猶太寓言繪本
Description: This is a collection of 50 traditional Jewish fable stories, which highlights thousands of years of Jewish wisdom and humor. This hard cover book has beautiful colored illustrations on every page. ...more
Erika's Story-Chinese children book
Erika's Story
Your Price: $15.95
Erika's Story
Description: The searing, beautiful illustrations of acclaimed artist Roberto Innocenti capture the fear, love, and sadness of a Holocaust survivor's tale in this story of a Jewish couple who make a heart-rending decision so that their infant daughter mig ...more
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