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Newly arrived Chinese children books

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Fun Math Games Chinese Activity Book
Fun Math Games Activity Book for age 5+ 數學遊戲5歲+
Your Price: $10.95
Fun Math Games Activity Book for age 5+     數學遊戲5歲+
Description: Excellent simple and fun math game activity book that introduces basic numbers and math concepts to youngsters age 5+.

5歲是孩子鞏固認數能力,保持對數的熱愛和興趣的重要時期. 這個時期的孩子已經會說50以上的數,會做10以內的加法。但對孩子而言,更重要的是學會正確地數兩位數的個,並能用“0~9”這10個基本數字正確書寫。反覆訓練30以內的數. ...more
Little Lion's Mane - Chinese children book
Little Lion's Mane -- 小獅子的鬃毛
Your Price: $17.95
Little Lion's Mane -- 小獅子的鬃毛
Description: This charming book is about a young cub who can't wait to grow up, and desperately wants a full head of the handsome mane just like his dad!

「雷特是個獅子小男孩。他有個無論如何都非常非常想要的東西。」那就是……像爸爸一樣帥氣的鬃毛。於是,小獅子雷特的尋找鬃毛之旅爆笑展開!他到底能不能得到鬃毛,華麗變身呢? 一個了解孩子想「 ...more
Octopants - Chinese picture book
Octopants 章魚先生買褲子
Your Price: $16.95
Octopants   章魚先生買褲子
Description: A fantastically charming book! A embarrassed young octopus visits several oceanic stores and desperately wants to find himself pants to wear. If the stores can style eels, puffer fish, whales, and even jellyfish, how could there not be any 8 ...more
Sleeping Beauty - 3D Pop up book in Chinese
Sleeping Beauty - 3D Pop-up Book -- 睡美人
Your Price: $18.95
Sleeping Beauty - 3D Pop-up Book -- 睡美人
Description: This classic fairy tale comes to life with this dreamy 3D Pop-up book. As you read this timeless classic tale to your young children, they will be delighted by the high quality 3D picture background. The tale is very simple and easy to und ...more
Chinese Character Practice Book
Basic Chinese Characters Practice Book 基礎國字-學前必備練習本
Your Price: $12.95
Basic Chinese Characters Practice Book    基礎國字-學前必備練習本
Description: Quality workbook to learn to write 70 traditional Chinese characters. Each character is presented with dotted line for tracing, and blank spaces for free-hand practicing. All large fonts, perfect for small hands.

70個基礎國字、115個常用語詞,搭 ...more
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